Welcome! I'm Letitia (la-tish-uh), a user experience designer, researcher, and writer currently living in Vancouver, BC. I'm an advocate and builder of a friendlier web.

what makes a friendly web?

Sites that are:

  • Clear and straightforward about their purpose
  • Easy to use (for administrators and visitors)
  • Inviting in their design and tone
  • Accessible across all devices

let's get friendly!

I love collaborating with folks to create websites that really resonate with the people who use them. If this is what you're aiming for, definitely get in touch.

My background includes:

  • Planning for a great visitor experience on a site User Research & User Experience Strategy
  • Testing out a site idea or site prototype with its target audience Usability Testing
  • Building a site from scratch or on a content management system foundation Web Development & WordPress Customization
  • Making a site layout flexible and mobile-friendly Responsive Web Design

I generally work on web projects within a larger team, but I also freelance independently as my schedule allows. Feel free to contact me to find out more.